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OK. My blogs suffered neglect for a while. As did my gaming. I no longer play eve. Haven’t for some time now.

I will start searching for good content for this page. More later.

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Sisters of Eve

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 by Nick

So to avoid the irritating guy that had wardecced us, I temporarily relocated 13 jumps away and started working on my rep with SOE. It’s sad running Level 1 missions in a caracal… To save on ammo I split my AML’s into two paired groups. This setup worked fine for me, I could even continue to keep that cloaking device in my 5th slot. This was until I got the Air show mission chain, 5 missions of using small craft, of which I didn’t bring any with me, and I didn’t feel like going back 13 jumps in my pod to pick one up. So, which frigate should I build on the cheap for this fine mission?

That particular spot in The Forge, has little to no useful small equipment for sale. I got me a Kestrel, and some standard missile launchers. Missiles I already had for my caracal so it was alright. Why do I need the firepower of a missile boat for an airshow you ask? For the live fire demonstration against “rogue” drones. I’ll admit the last part of the airshow was sorta cool. I got to fit my kestrel with a MWD and go full burn around the area doing “Flyby’s.” I kept expecting to hear a comment over the local radionet saying “Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full…” but I guess you can’t have everything. With just missiles and a MWD loaded I got that little tub up to a velocity of 1800m/s.

I’m closing in on the rep to hit Level 2 missions, maybe another week’s worth and I’ll be cranking them out and making the LP needed to get those tasty implants, and a couple sets of sisters probes/launchers. The extra scan strength is what I’m doing all this for.


Do you smell something burning?

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It was an eventful evening for the captain and crew of The Bounty last night. A message came down from the CEO that someone had declared war on us. As we started to investigate, we found it was a one man corp, but by the length of his kill board, a seasoned pirate. I got on the radio to a friend a few systems away to see if he knew how and where we might find this individual. It’s wise to study the ways of one’s adversaries.

The friend used a locator agent to trace our enemy’s whereabouts to a quiet ice mining system. It seems this guy gets his jollies by hunting down high sec miners. <pause> Hm, looking at the kill board he got one of ours this morning.

All we could do last night was to locate him to know where he likes to roam. After we did that, thought we would run a nice little Level 3 mission. While rescuing a damsel in distress isn’t overly hard, this mission was rough and cost us dearly. I slammed on the warp drive a bit too slowly the second round and we didn’t make it. Most of the crew made it to the emergency shelter pods, but we lost bruce. Our chief engineer stayed in the engine room trying to hold it together. Luckily a corp mate was on hand helping with the mission, he cleared the rest of the hostiles and I made it back to base to grab a spare ship.

I warped back to the scene and picked up all my valiant crew. I sent a repair drone in to start pulling apart the wreckage to find poor bruce. But we didn’t hold out much hope against finding any trace of him, the powerplant melted down in the end. I did eventually find the damsel to rescue.. but the cost was a bit too high for my liking.. she wasn’t even that pretty. I dropped her off and received my fee. Then went to lay down on my bunk.

Ray, whatever you do, don’t cross the streams.

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Guess this pilot wasn’t listening.

It was one of those WTF moments.

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So, I decide to run a couple missions last night, I get a nice easy milkrun (literally had to cart some dairy products around for someone) then I pulled Blockade (guristas) Level 2 mission. The offered rewards were nice, so I offered a corpmate to join in. He likes to blow stuff up, then come back and salvage. He’s fitted out in a nice ship easily capable of running L3 missions. He armor tanks but, won’t hold that against him.

I’m off happily popping pirates left and right, the final wave comes in, I notice that my buddy hasn’t been shooting as much as is normal. Probably had to deal with an incident elsewhere in the ship. My hobgoblin drones got popped during the second wave of ships, so it’s just me and my missiles against the last few ships coming in. They weren’t much, a couple destroyers and a cruiser. I have a habit of taking out the smaller ships first so that my shields can maintain longer against the larger ships. I can usually pop frigates in 1-2 volleys afterall. Each one down is one less I have to worry about shooting me. Takes me 4-5 volleys for the destroyers. I know.. i need to study more about missile operations, since that is my primary weapon. So I popped the last destroyer and was turning my sights on the cruiser when I see an explosion in space behind me. One I didn’t cause.. I check my scanners an see that my friend is floating in space in his egg. The cruiser had decided to work him over while he was doing something else. I started pounding on the cruiser which eventually folded like a sock. I go back to my friend’s egg and wait for him to wake up and smell the burnt circuitry. I snared the modules out of his ship, since I have had people come by and steal the salvage and loot from my missions before. He finally wakes back up and completely freaks out for a couple minutes. Then goes and gets his salvage ship and cleans up the place.  I still don’t see how he got popped.. unless he just didn’t have his hardeners running or something wierd like that.

well, live and learn.. the important lesson there is don’t go away from the console during a battle.

Welcome new friends

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I was recently informed that my little brother decided to follow my footsteps and enter capsule training. Which suits him, he’s always been an egghead… I expect he will go the R&D and PI route, unless he favors piracy.. in which case I would have to kill him, mother would not be pleased. I remember well how sad my brother was when I left for the academy.

Mother wasn’t happy with me going either, she thought it was un-natural that a person allow circuitry to be stuck into their bodies, or to be cloned. She’s the obligatory holdout against advanced technology. She was one of the last to adopt sonic showers, thinking that somehow the polluted water of our little backwater planet was a better way to clean one’s self. She still uses a carbon fuel burning stove and oven to cook with. Granted, nobody can match her Swedish meatballs..

You know.. I think it’s high time that I wrote her.. I did promise to send her money once in a while, which was why she let me leave.  I bet she could even cryopak a tray of her meatballs and ship them to me for a tiny sampling of the amount of money I’m making these days.. I just won’t mention how I lost a ship in a wormhole to sleepers, and had to self destruct to get home.. I don’t want her to know I’ve already been cloned once.

Once my brother is setup with a ship of his own and starts whatever career he picks, I’ll let you guys know more.


Gavinton finished the academy on Friday afternoon and after all the arduous training and testing.. The first thing he did was go on vacation.. what a bum.. In any event, He sent me a holo shortly before leaving telling me that he was going to scout a few planets for a likely spot to plant a mining operation very soon.  For now he intends to stay near civilization and try to help work my corp’s reputation up with the state enough that we could setup shop with a small or medium POS for research and Manufacturing.

One mans trash

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So after having such a great experience with my new friend. I looked him up the next time I was in flight. He was running missions again, and offered to let me join him. Sure!! So I slam the throttle of my caracal past redline and make my way over to Ikao where he was running around. There were three rooms in this area, and he had already cleared one. I show up and start tagging the smaller ships attacking him. He wanders off to the next stage of the complex and I’m waiting for the come on in message. I start looking around, there are so many wrecks.. and he’s not bringing in a salvager to clean it up..

When the last pirate is popped, I ask him where his salvager friend is. They had a little fight and she won’t be joining him today..  I ask if he plans to come back and salvage later. He tells me I’m welcome to it all. He starts heading off for his next mission, while I go snare my cormorant that is setup for salvage.. or so I thought.. each of the rooms takes about 4 or 5 trips back to the station to clean out cormie has only about 500 cubic meters of cargo room and just cant haul any more… after all is said and done, I sell off about 3 mil of weapons and fittings, squish the rest into minerals for my corp to build stuff with.. and from bounties made another 3mil more.. i’m lovin this.

A day of labors

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In space nobody can hear you scream, be it in rage, frustration or joy.

So, I’m puttering around doing missions for some entry level hack with Spaceline Patrol and since i’m leaving tons of small wrecks lying about I ask on the local comm net if anyone wants to collect the salvage. A random guy chimes in asking what lvl missions am I doing? Valid question, don’t want to blow up someone who’s pilot license hasn’t finished drying yet.

I reply that these are simple L1 Missions, the random person chuckled and said “come with me.” I joined their little fleet of two combat vessels and a salvage ship. He told me they were going to do something called “Angels Extravaganza” which I had hear of a couple times, but had little knowledge of beyond the name.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my Caracal (named “The Bounty” in honor of the vessel that Kirk rode home in from Vulcan in ST4.) I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew with too strong of a misison. He was flying a harbinger. (i think) and was more than capable of doing the mission, but wanted a wingman to keep the small frigates off him. Frigates, I can handle.. 🙂

We burn through the mission and I notice my wallet display flashing. In the time it would normally take me to take a shower, I had more than doubled my finances. I started out the day around 2.5 Million ISK, and when all was said and done, including a second mission featuring gurista pirates, I had over 11 Million ISK. Needless to say, I am a happy pilot.

The pilot I was helping, indicated that mission running he could pull in almost 300mil a day. If I could do that, I would never have to pay for the game again.

Through the looking glass (Wormhole N766)

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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Brusaoiri, a member of a Vivaldi Corp operating primarily in Caldari space. I am the company scout. My job is to find what is hidden that we may investigate and if possible exploit it for the greater good of the company.

I was scouting around a system (which will not be named to protect my finds.) and discovered a wormhole entrance. My readouts showed that it was a Class 2 wormhole, and as such was moderately safe to enter and have a peek. Before doing so, I sent a shout out to my company that I had found a wormhole and would like someone to back me up.

I fly a heron currently (I’m training to fly a Buzzard soon), and it is not really equipped for combat. Should there be hostiles on the other side, I need backup, preferably with big guns. Once my backup arrives, I proceed in and take a look around. Amazingly, there appears to be no trace of sleepers in this system. Tho I did discover a juicy gravimetric site. I warp over to it and take a look. No hostiles in view, all is quiet. I find several common ores, and then discover some rocks that contain Arkonor, and Bistot. I relayed the information and the comms went wild. Next thing I knew, the entire company had warped in to join me at the asteroid and were busy mining away. I wandered off and continued scanning but didn’t find much of anything useful. One of the rules of scanning is “First in Last out. ” Knowing that if my colleagues don’t have an exit route, all their work is for naught, I go find myself a pleasing planet to orbit and wait.

My alarm rang out in the cabin and brought me back to my senses, I checked the comms but there was no activity. Did they finish mining and leave, were they still there but asleep like I had been? I don’t know.. I went and checked the asteroid field and nobody is there, I did a quick scan of the region and discovered a sleeper outpost I had missed the night before. I didn’t want to risk my ship so I steered clear of them. Hours later, I get a message..

Brus, WTF are you still doing in that wormhole? We abandoned it last night around oh 200.

I muttered thanks for the message.. and went to where the wormhole entrance was.. it wasn’t there…

At least the only person left inside is the one person that can get back out… so I start scanning again looking for a way home.. I finally found a hole leading back to Hisec space, when I popped back into normal space, I found myself 18 jumps from home. Eventually I found my way home and docked. Completely worn out from all that travel..

I don’t know why, but every time I take a jump it feels like I’m getting stretched infinitely long and about a molecule wide and then get snapped back together. It really tires me out.. and 18 jumps, that’s a nightmare.

It turned out to be a profitable venture despite my discomfort, the corp harvested 50 Million ISK worth of ore, and will be turning that into many times that in manufactured goods.

I’ll relate some more adventures as they happen, for now, Good hunting. – Brus

Change of direction

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This blog started out as a place to post the absurd side of life..

There is just one problem. There is so much absurd that I get buried trying to decide what to post. I can’t post it all, so I end up posting nothing…

That said, I am re purposing this to be aimed at Players of EVE online.

I have a guest writer that will be making the posts for me.  My good friend Brusaoiri.